Between rounding up the kids for school, pumping out hundreds of emails at work, and driving through Kansas City rush hour, you’re left with a day’s worth of time measured in seconds, not hours. But don’t settle for the drive-thru line for some empty calories! Turn your “must-do” list into a “will do soon” list and tell your boss, in no uncertain terms, that the TPS report will have to wait till the afternoon. Because a relaxing and nutritious lunch is in your future at one of these healthy restaurants around Olathe and Kansas City.

Muscle Maker Grill (Olathe, KS)

There are no frills at this Olathe grill—just a menu packed with fuel to push you through your on-the-go life. Like our Olathe gym, Muscle Maker Grill is committed to providing you with all the tools needed to stay in shape (their tools just happen to be served on plates). Fan-favorite items include the Italiano Salad, Kale and Quinoa Wrap, Godfather bowl, MMG Margherita pizza, and dozens of refreshing smoothies and shakes. All food can be enjoyed in their dining area or vis-à-vis a doggie bag, so you can eat at your desk and at least feel productive.

View their menu and order meals online at

The Farmhouse (Kansas City)

Tucked away in Kansas City’s River Market is The Farmhouse, one of the area’s coziest hotspots for fresh food. Serving homegrown veggies and butchered meats, this “farm-to-table, tip-to-tail” restaurant is a treat for your taste buds. Head in for a lunchtime Farmer Salad—ask for extra sherry-dijon vinaigrette, because it’s heavenly—or ditch the 5-o’clock traffic and slice into a Roasted Quail with a side of marinated kale. Not all menu items here are “healthy,” but the few that are shouldn’t be missed.

Make a reservation or look at their full menu at

Twisted Fresh (Kansas City)

Serving up handmade tacos, wraps, burgers, and more, this chain restaurant makes it simple for anyone with a busy schedule to eat healthily. From their Chicken Cashew Avocado Wrap to their Mahi Mahi Tacos, every menu item at Twisted Fresh is tasty, nutritious, and ready for the road. If you’re promoting a healthier workplace, they are also one of Kansas City’s finest affordable catering options.

Order online and skip the lines at any of the four Twisted Fresh locations around Kansas City.

First Watch (Olathe, KS)

Watching what you eat? First Watch makes it easier with its full breakfast, brunch, and lunch options. Its chain-style “daytime café” atmosphere pairs well with menu items like their Crab & Asparagus Omelet, Pesto Chicken Quinoa Bowl, and Baja Turkey Burger. Heading to SunPoint Fitness for a late-afternoon meeting with one of our personal trainers? Most meals served at First Watch are packed with protein, so load up a few hours before your workout, then burn off those spare calories.

Browse their menu to discover the healthiest meals at

Café Gratitude (Kansas City)

100% organic. 100% sustainable. 100% vegetarian. That’s what Café Gratitude is at its core. All food prepared here is plant-based but without the plant flavor. Their “Adventurous” Coconut Curry Raw Soup will spice up any afternoon, as will their “Extraordinary” Sandwich, which features a spicy cashew aioli and chipotle-maple coconut shavings. If you’d like to sit and enjoy the café-like ambiance after a tiring workout, order a “Mucho” Mexican Bowl and “Fruitful” Vitamin-C Smoothie; the black beans and avocados are rich in protein and fats that promote muscle repair and growth, while fruits from the smoothie replenishes glycogen.

Visit to look over their selection.

Step 1: Eat Healthy. Step 2: Join SunPoint Fitness.

There’s no shortage of healthy restaurants in and around Kansas City. But having a nutritious diet is just one side of the equation when it comes to actually being healthy. As you progress along the journey toward a fitter, slimmer, and healthier you, be sure to have someone in your corner that can balance out that equation. With the help of an expert personal trainer from SunPoint Fitness, you’ll see better and faster results than you’d ever thought possible.

Contact our fitness coaches at 913-945-1661 or visit our Olathe gym at 15280 S. Keeler Street to sign up for one-on-one workouts and get help with planning your meals.



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