School’s back in session here in Olathe and Kansas City, KS. Between hectic mornings pushing the kids onto the bus and equally hectic evenings getting dinner on the table, when do you have time to hit the weights and treadmills? Fret not! There’s still hope for your workout success if you plan your daily calendar well enough. Here are a couple of ideas to get you into the regimented swing of things.

early morning workout

Early Birds Catch the Worm

Head to bed early. Wake up early. It’s a common practice amongst personal trainers—if you need proof, our SunPoint Fitness trainers are often opening our doors at 4:00 am. Morning workouts are critical if you’re trying to lose weight; your body will continue to burn calories after you’ve exercised (due to Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption), boost your metabolism, and may even improve your sleep.

Make Your Work Commute Work for You

If you’re lucky enough to work near your home, consider biking or walking to and from the office. You can even equip a 90s-style fanny pack to store your essentials. Of course, you should plan accordingly for weather and shower-time—no one wants to file TPS reports when they’re drenched in rain or sweat.

take the stairs skip the elevator

Stairs > Elevator

Unless you’re working at one of the top floors of Kansas City’s Town Pavilion, take the stairs! Walking up a flight of stairs can really work your calves and glutes into submission. Just be sure to breathe and pass others on the right—people may look at you oddly, but who cares?

Take a (Fitness) Break

For those of you who absolutely cannot find time to workout at our Olathe gym, consider taking a handful of 15-minute walks throughout your workday. If you need to, block out these times in advance to keep distractions to a minimum. Your resting heart rate and cholesterol levels will thank you.

Desk Exercises are Cool

On those busy days when deadlines are past due and tasks become overwhelming, nothing beats a healthy dose of exercise at your desk. Stability balls, 5-pound weights, and stationary pedals are all great workout accouterments to keep nearby, and they can give you a fitness boost in a pinch. Plus, working out even helps to reduce stress!

after school bike ride kansas city

After-School Bike Ride

Tell your kids to put away the tablets when they get home from school, because you’re all going on a bike ride. Just 30 minutes of cycling with the family can burn enough calories to offset that doughnut you ate in the morning (shame on you).

Bath Time Yoga

If your children are old enough to play in the bath, why not get a few Downward Dogs in while they splash away? Just 15 or 20 minutes of yoga in the evening can be relaxing, and the stretching may alleviate muscle tension and headaches, too.

Work with a Personal Trainer in Kansas City

You know your body and schedule better than most, but that doesn’t mean you need to exercise by your lonesome. With the help of one of our personal trainers near Kansas City, you can develop a game plan and routine that fits into your busy lifestyle. Our doors are open from pre-dusk to post-dawn (4 am to 11 pm) and we offer a variety of one-on-one personal training sessions and fitness classes that may very well mesh with your calendar.


Don’t let your hectic day-to-day dictate when and where you exercise. Contact SunPoint Fitness at 913-945-1661 or head to our Olathe gym at 15280 S. Keeler Street to become a member.



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