Are you having trouble starting an exercise routine? Maybe you can start, but you can’t stick with it. Or maybe you’ve been working out for a while without seeing the kind of results you want. Asking a friend to join you at the gym is just what you need to improve your workouts and get better results. Here are some reasons why having a workout buddy or group is good for your physical and mental health.

Exercising with Friend

1. Friends Help You Make Time to Exercise

One of the biggest obstacles to getting started with an exercise program is finding the time. When you haven’t yet made exercise a habit, it can be difficult to actually get off the couch and do the workouts you’ve planned. Knowing that someone else is meeting you at the gym is a powerful incentive to ensure you aren’t letting that person down.

Don’t take our word for it, though; a 2010 Stanford University study found that people who had a buddy to remind them to exercise worked out 78% more often, on average, than those who had no reminder.

2. You’ll Get Better Results

We all love those before-and-after pictures of weight loss and shows like The Biggest Loser. It’s fun to see others have success, and it’s a just as interesting to watch them suffer for that success, too.

Working out with a friend can provide the same motivation. As we see our friend work hard and succeed, we’ll want to work harder for the same results—that’s only in our natural competitive nature. Sometimes their work will inspire us, and sometimes we just won’t want to get left behind. This study shows people will lose more weight when they see their friends succeed at the gym.

3. Friends Encourage and Motivate

An interesting 2016 study from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland also showed that people who exercised with a buddy did more working out than those who exercised by themselves. The motivation provided by the buddy increased if he/she was emotionally encouraging, too, so be sure and ask a supportive friend. You may very well find that that extra mile on the treadmill or those few additional reps on the weights can be easier to tackle with someone cheering you on from the sideline.

4. A Spouse Keeps You Coming Back

The Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University found that people who worked out with their spouse had a 12-month drop-out rate of only 6.3%, compared to a 43% drop-out rate for married exercisers who worked out alone. Many of us can start exercise routines, but we can’t seem to stick with them. If you want to stop the cycle of making resolutions you don’t keep, ask your spouse (or a close exercise pal) to help you get over those hurdles. Sometimes that person is all you need to force yourself into our Olathe gym on a consistent basis.

Jogging with Spouse

5. Builds & Strengthens Relationships

A difficult, shared experience creates a tight bond between you and your partner. If you’ve ever been on a sports team, you know that going through particularly difficult drills together and fighting for a “W” during games makes for a more cohesive team. Not only does working side-by-side encourage competitiveness that pushes everyone to achieve greater things, it also makes you apart of a community that shares a common goal.

If you want to form a stronger friendship with someone, ask them to train for a race with you. If you and your partner need a little nudge toward greater intimacy, do some interval training or a boot camp class together. If you want a group of friends to bond, create a recreational sports team and compete for a trophy. You’ll get physically healthier and enjoy the emotional health of a deeper, more supportive relationship.

6. It’s More Fun

Let’s face it: sometimes exercising isn’t a fun way to spend your time. We can get in a rut that makes working out a boring job. When we are alone, it takes a lot of willpower to push through moments of boredom or fatigue. But with a friend, things are much more fun. You can talk while you work or make jokes to lighten the mood, and some friendly competition can even spice up a workout. You might also have the courage to try new and different workouts that will keep boredom at bay and challenge your muscles in new ways, allowing you to ultimately look and feel even better.

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If you’ve ever had trouble working out solo, it might be time to grab a loyal companion or join a workout group at our Olathe fitness center and gym. At SunPoint Fitness, we have a variety of group classes led by our trained personal trainers and fitness experts, and we also offer positivity in the form of our personal training sessions. So, bring a friend or make a friend at SunPoint, and together you can be healthier and happier.

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