February 14th is right around the corner, and you know your exercise fiend of a partner won’t appreciate a box of chocolate truffles. So, tossing the common Valentine’s Day gifts out the window, what else would he or she like? Here are five great Valentine’s gift ideas to satisfy the beloved gym rat in your life.


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5. Fitness Watch

Just five years ago, fitness trackers like Fitbit wristbands and Samsung Gear watches barely made a blip on the radar. Now? Well, go just about anywhere in Kansas City and you’ll see plenty of health-conscious people sporting them.

Fitbit’s products are the gold standard when it comes to wearable tech. Standard Fitbit trackers are fairly affordable and help to analyze all facets of life, not just your exercise. They keep track of your food intake, weight loss (or gain—ouch), sleep patterns, heart rate, breathing, and even calls, texts, and calendar alerts when synced with a smartphone. All that data can be gobbled up on the Fitbit app, too.

Don’t let your partner’s health resolutions fall by the wayside in February. Invest in a wearable fitness watch—or just grab a pedometer—and wrap that up in some hugs and kisses this Valentine’s Day.

4. Customized Dumbbells

Need a Valentine’s Day gift for the brawny, lumberjack-like guy in your life? Engrave a gorgeous “YOU + ME FOREVER” inscription on your guy’s new set of dumbbells. Products sold by Iron Grip can be tenderly personalized with AutoCAD software and heavy-duty engraving machinery to brand your love for your love.

Don’t think your beau will appreciate the thoughtful exchanging of vows on his exercise equipment? Choose to engrave the logo from his alma mater or favorite sports team. Compromise!

Photo: cleveryoga.com

3. Complete Yoga Set

Get that stretch on! If your SO is the type to have a secret mantra, they also probably burn through yoga mats like there’s no tomorrow. A full yoga kit includes just about everything needed to ensure their sun will come out (tomorrow).

For instance, this Clever Yoga 7-piece set is available in multiple colors and includes the following items:

  • One non-slip yoga mat (100% recyclable and UV-resistant)
  • Two EVA foam yoga blocks
  • One 8’ yoga strap
  • One hand towel
  • One skid-proof mat towel
  • One nifty carrying case to show off

Add on some anti-fungal, non-skid yoga socks, and your beau will be in workout-heaven.

2. Standing Desk

Computer chairs can kill you—it’s true! Every year, nearly 100,000 cases of colon and breast cancer may be caused by prolonged sitting. In fact, cutting down your in-chair computer use from six hours to three hours per day can increase life expectancy by two years. Who wouldn’t want two extra years?

Although a sit-to-stand (height-adjustable) desk and workspace may be a costly Valentines gift, it’s a small price to pay for your loved one’s health. They can install it at home—if they’re a remote worker, it’s the ideal anti-desk solution—or at the office. (Be sure they start small by taking frequent rests as to avoid leg cramps and back pain caused by poor posture.)

Browse some height-adjustable desks through Varidesk.com and other online shops for ideas.

1. SunPoint Fitness Gym Membership

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