Apples are great to keep your boo-boos at bay, but it’s got nothing on a 30-minute calorie-burning workout. According to the American Heart Association, moderate-intensity aerobic activity (e.g. yard work or jogging) should be performed 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week to improve your cardiovascular health. That’s 150 minutes a week—perfectly doable, right? Still, many people have a difficult time sticking with let alone starting an exercise routine. That’s what our SunPoint Fitness personal trainers are here for; to help you begin and stay committed to a 30-minute workout schedule.

The SunPoint Fitness 30-Minute Workout


The SunPoint Fitness 30-Minute Workout


Our workouts evolve as your body evolves, which allows you to engage and train all muscle groups as needed. However, we gladly provide the following half-hour workouts as a starting point:


Leg-Only Workout


  • 3×15 Squats
  • 4 Passes of Weighted Lunges
  • 3×20 Leg Extensions
  • 3×20 Leg Curls
  • Ab Work


Full-Body Workout


  • 3×20 Barbell Curls
  • 3×20 Cable Rope Push Downs
  • 3×20 Jump Squats
  • 3 Sets of Push-Ups
  • 3 Sets of Pull-Ups


All of our gym members receive a completely customized exercise plan based on their goals, abilities, and needs.


  • If you’d like to tone your arms, we’ll create a workout that focuses on those ‘ceps.


  • Need to pump up the glutes? We’ll adapt the Leg-Only Workout to get rid of excess backside bounce.


  • Want a tightly packed back? Your rhomboids, traps, and deltoids will feel the pain with a personalized full-back workout.


It’s your 30 minutes—our fitness trainers and experts are just here to make it a more productive 30 minutes.


Benefits of a Half-Hour Workout

Benefits of a Half-Hour Workout


Losing weight and toning up are just two perks that come with tackling a 30-minute exercise routine. Getting in those measly 30 minutes at the gym can also help you in the following areas:


  • Improved Hearth Health – Your heart pumps not for love, but for oxygen, and a quickly pounding heart means more oxygen-rich blood traveling throughout your body. Frequent regular exercise trains your heart to work more efficiently, which ultimately reduces your risk of heart attack, blood clots, stroke, and other types of heart disease. So keep your pulse on, well, your pulse; we’ll help you define your target heart rate using the “Karvonen Formula,” and develop the ideal set of exercises to push your pulse toward that goal.
  • Improved Mental Health – Your figurative heart needs love, too. Working out has been proven to heighten brain function—the brain releases or increases the production of norepinephrine, endorphins, hippocampus cells, and dopamine, among others—which translates to reduced amounts of stress, boosts in mood, improved memory and self-confidence, increased productivity, and higher levels of creativity.
  • Improved Overall Health – A full-fledged workout regimen can also help to lower your risk of developing certain types of cancer, osteoporosis, and arthritis. You’ll even get better nights’ sleep and have more energy in the morning—all from putting in a little extra time at our Olathe gym.


Join SunPoint Fitness & Let’s Get in Shape

Join SunPoint Fitness & Let’s Get in Shape


150 minutes a week—that’s all it takes to start your transformation. Instead of trying to organize, plan, and determine the best course of action for your body, let our Olathe personal trainers do it for you. At SunPoint Fitness, all of our experts are trained, certified, and qualified to build your personalized 30-minute workout routine from scratch, meaning you’ll only have to worry about one thing: the results.


Call us at 913-945-1661 or visit our Olathe boutique gym at 15280 S. Keeler Street, which is just a short drive from Kansas City. We’ll happily give you a tour of our facility and equipment, and discuss your membership options.