Trouble Losing Leftover Body Fat? Try These 8 Fat-Burning Tips!

If you’ve had a tough time getting rid of those fatty love handles, you might find comfort in knowing that millions of Americans have been in your shoes—and many have of those people have triumphed over their fat-loss predicaments. For some, all it took was an ounce of extra effort; others went to the edge of the earth and back to cut 5 pounds off the scale. Hopefully, you’re in the former camp, but if you do need some expert advice on losing your spare tire, we’re here to help.

Here are our 8 tips to get your body into bathing-suit shape, just in time for summer.

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4 Big Cheat Meal Myths: BUSTED!

Dieting is a difficult proposition for anyone. You want to eat healthier and get in better shape, but there are so many amazing foods out there that you want to try! Thus, the concept of a “cheat meal” was born.

Cheat meals are little breaks in your diet: meals in which you can eat, if not everything you want, at least a wider selection than you would ordinarily. You’re able to brush off the extra calories consumed, skip the guilt, and enjoy those foods that are usually off-limits. Unfortunately, there are many myths surrounding the concept of the cheat meal, and it’s time our Olathe personal trainers bust them once and for all.

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5 Perfect Valentine’s Gifts for Workout-aholics

February 14th is right around the corner, and you know your exercise fiend of a partner won’t appreciate a box of chocolate truffles. So, tossing the common Valentine’s Day gifts out the window, what else would he or she like? Here are five great Valentine’s gift ideas to satisfy the beloved gym rat in your life.


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4 Ways to Improve Your Running Endurance

It doesn’t matter why you started running, at some point, you’ll become consumed with that clock. Maybe you wanted to relieve stress in the beginning, or perhaps it was to shed some weight, but by the end, you’ll have a love-hate relationship with a stopwatch. It’s what keeps running regulars kicking—speaking of which, are you prepared for the upcoming Spring Prairie Fire Half Marathon you’ve been training for?—and that clock will keep you going, too.

The good news is, you can improve your running endurance and get better times on your jogs, even if you’re a novice. Here are four ways to help you push your legs to the limit.

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9 Tips to Avoid the Workplace Flu

Millions of people contract influenza each year, especially between October and May (flu season). It just so happens that illness-related work absences also rise significantly during these cold months. Coincidence? We think not. To help you battle the icky colds and germs this year, follow these nine flu prevention tips.

9 Tips to Avoid the Workplace Flu

Get a Flu Shot

First, what is a flu shot? Flu vaccines encourage the growth of antibodies that protect the body against the year’s most common influenza viruses. read more…

Essential Apparel for Different Types of Physical Activities

You probably know the importance of staying fit, but maybe you’re not sure what you should wear for a particular type of activity. Unfortunately, many people just grab whatever they find in their closets when getting dressed for a workout. As a result, they can injure themselves and fail to receive the most benefit from their exercising. Here’s some must-have apparel and footwear you need to wear for various types of physical activities.

Essential Apparel for Different Types of Physical Activities

Running & Jogging Apparel

As running and jogging produce a considerable amount of sweat, you’ll need to wear breathable fabrics. Choose clothing that can keep moisture away from the body, while not being so tight that it can irritate your skin. On the other hand, clothing that’s too loose can slow down your running stride.

Jogging can also make your body temperature rise by as much as 15 degrees. Therefore, your layers should be easy to remove when your body starts warming up. read more…

7 Reasons Why You Should Switch Up Your Workout Routine

Should you change up your workout routine? Being creatures of habit, we tend to keep repeating our workouts. So, it’s easy to get into a rut—30 minutes on the bike on Monday, a set of weights on Tuesday, and the list goes on—and the best way to get out of it is to make some adjustments.

7 Reasons Why You Should Switch Up Your Workout Routine

Experts, however, agree that you need to diversify your workout to gain the maximum benefit. Doing the same exercises over and over will make both your mind and body adapt to the exercises, reducing benefits. Here are seven top reasons to vary your exercises. read more…

Caught Between Feast & Famine: Thanksgiving Dieting Tips

For many dieters, Thanksgiving is one of the most difficult times of the year. You’ve got sweet treats, savory carb-heavy delights, and little motivation to remove yourself from the couch—all of which makes it unlikely for you to want to step on the scale after the feast ends. But don’t fret; you can still happily enjoy Thanksgiving and not gain 10 pounds by Friday morning. All it takes is a bit of planning and some reflection over what you should and shouldn’t shovel down your pie hole.

Caught Between Feast and Famine_Thanksgiving Dieting Tips

Here are a few pieces of advice to keep you on course.

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

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The Buddy System: Why It’s Best to Work Out with a Friend

Are you having trouble starting an exercise routine? Maybe you can start, but you can’t stick with it. Or maybe you’ve been working out for a while without seeing the kind of results you want. Asking a friend to join you at the gym is just what you need to improve your workouts and get better results. Here are some reasons why having a workout buddy or group is good for your physical and mental health.

Exercising with Friend

1. Friends Help You Make Time to Exercise

One of the biggest obstacles to getting started with an exercise program is finding the time. When you haven’t yet made exercise a habit, it can be difficult to actually get off the couch and do the workouts you’ve planned. Knowing that someone else is meeting you at the gym is a powerful incentive to ensure you aren’t letting that person down. read more…

The Best Free Apps for Exercise & Healthy Living (2017)

So, you’re ready to turn the corner and become a brighter, better, and healthier you? Congrats on taking that first step! Although the experts at our Olathe gym believe it’s in your best interest to seek out a professional fitness trainer when you’re training or losing weight, sometimes starting slow is a worthwhile tactic to accomplish your goals. For those people who live by the adage that “slow and steady wins the race,” test out these amazing free apps to ensure you’re on the right track.

Apps for Working Out

JeFit Exercising App


Winner: JEFIT (Android, iOS)

Exercising is great, but to truly benefit from your workout, you should analyze your progress to adapt, evolve, and reassess your techniques and strategies—and that goes beyond the pounds coming off the scale. If you decide to forego partnering with a personal trainer like those at SunPoint Fitness, JEFIT may be your data-driven salvation. read more…